Arg &Ur.Ch. Joval Oak Grove Chasing the Dream (Chase)

Uruguay & Argentain Champion

Chase is the sire of exelentes pups in 2006 (Click aqui)

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Pedigree Mas fotos
Eng.Ch.Stanstead Second Strike at Jokyl Eng.Ch.Jokyl Lucky Strike Ginger Voila of Stantead
Eng.Ch.Jokyl Aother Smartie
Eng.Ch.Stantead Shining Star Eng.Ch.Jokyl Gallipants
Eng.Ch.Jokyl Vivacius

Eng.Am.Ch. Jokyl Flashback

Aust.Ch.Stantead That"ll Do For jokyl Eng.Ch.Jokyl Lucky StrikeEng.Ch.Jokyl Vivacius
Stantead That"ll Do Nicely
Ginger Dreamtime At jokyl Eng.Ch.Jokyl Gallipants
Eng.Ch.Ginger Xmas Carol